Isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning – Google Summer of Code 2016

Well, in October of 2015, I meet KDE in Latinoware. Latinoware is one of the big events about free software in latin america. Since them I had the opportunity to join KDE, to meet the Brazilian and international community and this crazy guy called Tomaz Canabrava.

Tomaz hassled me into submitting a project to Google Summer of Code, a project that until then I had never heard of in my life. KDE was chosen to be one of the communities to be able to host students and projects for KDE entire environment be improved.


Cross-Compile: Configure QtCreator for Intel Edison

A few months ago a new friend gave to me an Intel Edison board to play =)


When I got back home I mounted the board and start to configure. Download from Intel the environment necessary to programming using Node.Js and others frameworks.

Since the Intel XDK environment is too heavy, and I like to use QtCreator, I will configure the Cross-Compile environment to use QtCreator like my editor. I will try in the future write Qt Applications and run them on the Edison, but that is a subject for an another post.


Almost there… – Google Summer of Code

In two weeks the Google Summer of Code 2016 will end.

I’m planning to finish my project in the next week, leaving the final week to clean code and write some documentation. I’m currently working on the development of the Object Diagram, and this work is on review. There’re some things missing to implement, and  Oliver Kellog and Jonathan Riddel are helping me to solve the issues and finish this task.

In the beginning of this month, I stopped to work on my project. I was traveling a lot and not having time to sit down in front of my laptop and work. After I come back to my home, I started to have a lot of difficulties to go back to work like before.

I reached the guys on the Facebook group to see if they could cheer me up. And they did. Also, I’m in a phase of my life that my depression is on my way, and is being really fucking hard go through this. I’m sharing this here, because I’m not the only one with depression, and I won’t be the last one. And it’s good for me put some things out.

I’m happy that in Lakademy(May) and Randa Meetings(June), I worked a lot on my project, and that will allow me to finish the project until the beginning of the final evaluation.

I had a lot of issues with my mentor, I was lost most of the time, but the community that I’m in, KDE, had my back, and now I’m having someone to review my work, and that is giving me a new breath to continue my work and finish the project.

I learned a lot with my project, and programming to me is like a puzzle, I need to solve it, but sometimes the puzzle gets too hard to solve, so I give a break and read a book or watch some series to clean my head to go back to work later with my mind refreshed.

Join KDE was one of the best things that happened in my life lately. All the experience that I had since I join the community, let me grew up personally and professionally.

Well, when I finish my project, I will share with you all the things that I did, the difficulties and the challenges of this work. But for now, I leave you with…

That’s all folks!




17th FISL, KDE Brazil and cake!

Hey, everything ok?

In this last week happened in a cold city called Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, the 17 edition of FISL, the Free Software International Forum.

Well… KDE has always participated in this forum, and the organization gave to us all day in a room, so the KDE Community could make a lot of talks.

I went there to talk about Stubbornness, Campus Party, and KDE, with the goal of sharing my experience about how this 3 things together changed my life. The point of this talk was made new persons get to know KDE, and encouraging them to go to(more) events. Because events/forums can change lives. Like changed my own. In my University, almost half of the students don’t care in go to events, and on this technology events, you will find what the company wants to share, and what skills you need to learn/know to work with them. And was in the Campus Party Sao Paulo 2015 that I saw that, and have my trigger to start to do something outside the college. Was a small talk that I did in 20 minutes, and got positive and bad feedbacks about it.


Also, I participate in another talk, with some friends, with the goal to share the pros and cons about the future of Drones and 3DPrinting. Since technology evolves really fast, and the IA that we are programming are getting smarter than never, we should think about the consequences of this technology. With 3DPrinting, a Drone could auto-replicate you, and depending on how it’s used, we can have a lot of bad things happening. We discussed a little bit about the ethics behind the use of Drones, and how that can affect the world that we live. Anyone with a 3DPrinter and some knowledge about robotics can build a Drone. In Brazil, we already had some issues about the use of Drones, and that started a discussion about regulation of use. An air space that the Drone need to be, so that cannot affect other things like airplanes and helicopters. Must be a regulation? Maybe. I need to study more about the subject so I can say more about it.

Also, KDE is making 20 years! YAY And we make a special party in our stand to celebrate this special BDay!


We had this *awesome* cake!

And was so great! Was a great time with the community of KDE Brazil and people that use KDE in day by day sharing with us this *awesome* day!

And yesterday, a friend of mine, Elias Silveira, publish in Facebook this draw of Konqi, that he did it using Krita 3.0! He is so skilled in draw things in Krita, that I get amazed every time that I saw a work of him in my feed. You can see Elias works here.


Well… 20 years of KDE, and I’m almost one year in this community, and I’m very thankful for being part of it. Thanks, KDE Brazil for the support, and all the community for giving me the chance to be a KDE contributor!

Happy Birthday, KDE! \o/


GSoC -Breath and Review

Well, more than a month ago my GSoC started, and now it’s time to take a breath and made some reviews on my work.

A couple weeks ago I went to Randa Meetings, a sprint of KDE, and there I did a lot of work in Umbrello.

Tomaz gave to me a few tips, and there was where the mess started.

Don’t understand me wrong, the advice from Tomaz was useful. My logic that wasn’t.

I still remember my professor in my college saying that my code was a mess, why? You  may ask. Because I tried to make everything in the same time and in the same function. I used to say that divide and conquer is the best logic that you can use when you code start to look messed up. Unfortunately, I forget to apply this logic in my work.

I need it to write 2 new widgets and insert into one dialog, however, the way that this dialog was written, was awful for me to add the new widgets. The solution and the tip from Tomaz were rewrite the dialog using QDesigner and fix the layout of the widgets. However, some changes affected other files, and instead of only fix the necessary things and add the widgets, I started to re-write all the dialogs, and this made my patch too big and caused an issue between my mentor and me. “This patch has a lot of unrelated changes…” And there’s nothing that I can do about it. Is more than 100 patches in my local git related to this changes, and pick the ones related only with my task isn’t easier.

Now I’m making the final adjusts in this changes. Most of them is fix the layout on the dialogs, that you can see below:

Finishing this task means that one of the bugs that are on my task of this GSoC will be closed. I’m justing waiting for the final review of my mentor, so I can ship it!

That’s all folks! =)

Mid-term eval – GSoC 2016


Today I will make a resume about everything that I already did in my Google Summer of Code since the beginning on May 23rd.

My GSoC project is work on Umbrello – The UML editor of KDE Community and give a New Breath to it because there’s a lot of things around there to be updated and improved.

My project is divided into this tasks:

  1. Remove Deprecated Code Qt4/KF4  to Qt5/KF5
    • This task is already finished, I’m just waiting for the final revision of my mentor so I can push the changes into the related branches.
  2. Fix issues on MsWindows
    • I already compile Umbrello in there, but for miss communication between me and my mentor, the issues that I need it to fix there aren’t clear, but I already reached him and we are discovering what need to be made.
  3. Fix bug related to missing keywords for C++
    • This bug is already fixed it. I need it to add the missing keywords for the type of the variables, and that was the easy part. But C++ have others special word’s that aren’t a type, but can be related, they are the type Qualifiers(volatile, const, mutable) and the type Modifiers(* and &), and for this two I need it to create new widgets to add in the Attribute Dialog for the Diagram Class, and that open a door to redo almost all the dialogs of Umbrello, because for the widgets have a good layout, the way that the dialogs were wrote, didn’t help, so I started to make UI’s to give me a better shot in make the dialogs, and like most of the widgets are used in all dialogs, I need it to make a big change in the code of Umbrello, and that is giving a final revision with 1928 lines added and  981 lines removed. I did some mistakes, since this patch is too big, but wasn’t an another way to do it, because every change in the widgets affected at least 5 others files. And with this new widgets, it happens that I will fix an another Umbrello bug that is open, that is related to create a new way to organize the widgets in the attribute. 
  4. Create an instance/object Diagram
    • I already started to study how to wrote this new diagram, but this task will be held until the tasks 2 and 3 be completed.

Also for my happiness, my mentors already give to me the green light in the Mid-Term evaluation, and I will continue to do the best work that I can do in my project. I have a month and a half to finish it, and I think that I can do it. =)

Thank’s for the reading!

That’s all folks!