I’m going to Akademy 2022

Akademy 2022 is almost around the corner, and I’m excited to be able to travel again after almost 3 years of Covid, lockdowns and more.

I hope to meet all my KDE friends at the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona, and remove the dust of my C++/QML coding skills. I do hope to be able to start a new interface for Atelier using QML, I already have most of the boilerplate from previous works, but now I want to keep it simple and clean.

Likewise, I hope to see you there! Don’t forget to register and check the program at Akademy website.

That’s all folks!

Atelier Plasmoid – Update

Yeah, I’m back! =D

Now I have updated the Atelier plasmoid to use our beloved profiles setup. Profiles on Atelier are shared by any interface that uses AtCore Machine Info to lookup for each profile that you have saved of your machines.

The quick print is now really quick: Select profile -> Connect -> Select File -> Print.


Check the code and install it on your Plasma Desktop now! =D


* Thanks to Kai Uwe that helped to fix a bug! =D

That’s all folks!

Atelier Plasmoid

Hello, how are you? I hope that you are good. =D

2019 is almost over, and this year Atelier didn’t have the amount of love and care that I wish I had given. Among finishing college(Yay!), changing jobs(Awesome!) and traveling for events(Akademy <3), I didn’t have enough time for it.

However, a while ago, I had started to build a plasmoid, i.e., a widget for your awesome Plasma Desktop for you to quickly select a 3dprinter and a gcode file and 3d print it. But I didn’t reach a useful state of the widget.

But yesterday I was kinda bored with my work, since I am doing home office for a couple weeks because I have twisted my ankle (I am better now, but holidays). So I went to remove the durty of my plasmoid code and see if I was able to make it finally work.

And I did. (Uhul!!!)

I have followed the “Getting Started” guide from the KDE Wiki and with a few QML controls and AtCore native support to use it with QML, I had the following result:

With a quick CMake build and install I can add this plasmoid to my Plasma desktop and use it to print a file and have basic control of the printer temperatures.

There’s a couple of bugs that are from AtCore(maybe? for sure? need to debug) and Chris is already pinging me up to add the use of AtCore Printer Profiles on this widget, so you can skip the baud and firmware selection.

But for now, you can check the source code on my KDE Gitlab Repository, install, and use it. Feel free to fork it and send Merge Request if you want too. Feedbacks are welcome.

Remember to check the Readme for full information on how to build and install it.

I hope that you have amazing Holidays and that in 2020 we keep doing awesome code with and for the KDE Community. =D

That’s all folks.

KDE Mindmap – Akademy 2019

Akademy is over. =/ And now that I have a little of time I will talk to you about a Birds of Feather that I’ve hosted during the Milan edition of Akademy that was the Mindmap of the community.

Since I’ve joined KDE I don’t have a clear picture what the structure of the community looks like. And that’s why I hosted this BoF to try to fix that.

So after an hour of discussions with Lydia, Valorie and other amazing people of this community, we came with the following result:

The dotted lines means that there’s some connection between the nodes. Like the Community WG it’s connected to the root of KDE.

So I hope that this graph can give you a clear picture of our community. It’s a working in progress and I will make this map and the original source available soon under the Community Wiki.

Any feedbacks and comments are welcome.

That’s all folks!

Akademy App now with BoF info + more

Access the app now!


Thanks to Siffer now we have a script to get the BoF info from the Wiki!

If you already downloaded the app, please open it and refresh to get the new info!

Also I would like to thank Ben for setting up Sitter’s project on our beloved Binary Factory!

I’ve added an ‘Extras’ area with buttons to link to some content of the wiki for rapid access. This content isn’t cache like the schedule. At least will save you some time =D

See you all on the welcoming event friday night!

That’s all folks!

Akademy Schedule Mobile Access

Hello people of this extraordinary world. =D

Last weekend I worked in a improved version of Akademy schedule that I launched last year.

This year the website is inside KDE Infra thanks to SysAdming work. You can check it on this link:


I hope that we soon add the BoF’s informations.

So far you can add the website to your apps menu with Firefox and Chrome (Hope that on Ios too).

Please check it out and leave your comments below!

If you want to check the source code please go to:


That’s all folks!

I am going to Akademy

I'm going to Akademy 2019

One more edition of KDE Akademy approaches, and here I am waiting for the day to pack my bags and get into a 15 hours adventure from Brazil to Milan.

As always I am excited to meet my friends, and have some fun with all people of the community. Discussing our present and future.

And this year I am going with a pack of KDE 3DPrinted key holders.

So, if you want one or more of these, hurry because I will only have around 50 units.

See you all very soon! ❤

That’s all folks!

New home page =D

As 2018 ends, I’ve been working on in a new landing page to show my work.

I’ve been playing with Vue.Js for a while, and is quite an amazing framework =D

Using Vuetify framework, that is built above Vue.Js I was able to build a new landing page with information about me and the stuff that I do. On that page you will be able to find my projects, presentations and contact information. I’ve also added a page of Tips & Tricks with content that I think that has value.

You can access and evaluate this new project here: lays147.org

Happy New Year for everyone! \o/

That’s all folks!

The time is over now: Two years as an intern at Rede Globo

Soon I’ll be making 2 years as an intern at the biggest tv network of Latin America. And with that, my contract will be over. And what happens next is still to be decided.

This post is meant to be a register of part of my history, a history that started on January 16th of 2017. Back on that day, I was nervous, 2 days since I moved to my new house, and I didn’t know what would happen when my internship started. The first week was an experience of submersion on what Rede Globo does. The HR gave training and speeches about how the company works, the hierarchy and took all the interns to visit the few company installations around Rio de Janeiro.

New city. New house. New job. A lot of news in a time that I was suffering from depression and didn’t have any clue on what my life would be. The only thing that I may believe was on my lucky to have this intern job and the hope that everything would be ok if I didn’t give up.

After the week of training, I started to work on the ground, at the department of software development. If I recall correctly that week wasn’t much busy, because on the next one I was going to Campus Party São Paulo, so the real work started on February 6th.

Since then I learned a few things. And I need to admit that I am a good coder. The impostor syndrome keeps walking with me, and I have a difficult time to admit that I am good. I wouldn’t be here for 2 years if I wasn’t good. At least my manager wouldn’t keep me otherwise, he made that clear.

I am proud of the career that I built here. I am grateful to everyone at this company that values what I do and who taught me all the new things and gave me support on things that I wanted to learn to use here and opened the doors for a lot of improvements on our workflow.

2017 was the year of making mistakes. And mainly trying to learn with them. The thing is that when you have depression, life is hard. I abandoned my bachelor of computer science and then a few months later got back in on the information systems bachelor. I made mistakes at work that almost took me fired.

2018 was the year of making stuff happen. I got rid of the depression. I am almost finishing my college(5 more classes and it’s over). I made part of a team that makes a workflow of video processing for the Fifa World Cup(Imagine receive videos from Russia and processing them to be compatible with our system…). I saw the value of my work and how that affects everyone that works at this company. I started to be proud to work here. And mainly I started to be proud of myself.

At Rede Globo, you can find people that started to work here 30, 40 years ago. This still surprises me. The daily challenges could be one of the reasons that people stick to this company. Would I be capable of that? Don’t know.

All the technology that I see here, it’s something that I would never imagine to be able to see in person. It’s silly. But well, working on a huge company so soon in my career, was something that I would never imagine when I moved out of my hometown 8 years ago.

And now I have a few dreams, or should I say goals for my future. The main one is to finish my college and the others… Adapting while life goes on.

That’s all folks!

Happy Holidays =D

Atelier at Maker Faire and QtCon 2018!

These past couple weekends were a blast!

On the weekend of November 3 and 4, it happened on Rio de Janeiro the first Maker Faire of Latin America. And I was able to do a talk about Atelier and the current status of our project. The event hold more than 1.500 people on the first day, that saw a lot of talks and the exposition of makers of all over the country that came to Rio to participate in this edition of the Maker Faire.

And last weekend I went to Sao Paulo to participate in my first QtCon, at this time I was invited by the organization, to talk about Atelier on the technical side. I was pretty nervous during my talk, but it all went well. A few questions were asked and me and Patrick, that was also present there, answered them.

I was also able to get a 3DPrinter borrowed from a friend, and on both days during the coffee breaks I was printing with Atelier and people came around to see and ask more about the work that we are doing.

In resume, was an event that I loved to be a part of it, everyone was there to share knowledge and learn new things about Qt and the community that we are building here in Brazil.

As since the beginning of my journey with Qt I had the opportunity to see what this amazing framework can do and how people in Brazil are using it to build awesome software to help companies achieve their goal. And last but not least we had a nice happy hour where I was able to meet my friends Kai and Dayanne, and discuss how awesome KDE is ❤


That’s all folks!