1º Computer Science Week 2016

The Computer Science Week is a project that I started last year after I went to my first Campus Party event. I saw amazing talks there, and I thought, why not bring some of those contents to my University? So last year was the 0ª Computer Science Week, I chose to start to count from... Continue Reading →


GSoC project accepted, now what?

Well, yesterday I had received this amazing notice that my GSoC project: Umbrello New Breath was accepted by KDE Community. This project has the objective to update the Umbrello to use Qt5 and KF5, eliminating the build with Qt4 and KF4. Also, I have in mind fix the bugs relatives to the build of Umbrello to... Continue Reading →

Let’s find some purposes…

Well, today I'm starting a new project: This Blog. Since that I have a lot to talk about my life, the professional side, I realize that only use the blog of Br-Print3D isn't enough. I need to talk about other projects, other things that are happening in my life. So to make things clearer I... Continue Reading →

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