Coding at Lakademy

Today is the third day that Lakademy is happening at Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), and since the first hour, I'm doing a lot of code. The work is concentrated on my GSoC Project, and finally getting on track on my work in Umbrello. It's being a great time here, meeting the... Continue Reading →


Some plans do not cooperate with you…

I hate do re-work. You don't have any idea how much I hate redo something. But when I wrote my GSoC project, I did in the week of the submission and the mentor that I needed was on vacation. So you can see the *drama* that I had. I reached the creator at the IRC... Continue Reading →

#3 days to go… some thoughts

In 3 days, the initial deadline for Google Summer of Code starts, but for a lot of student's, the GSoC started days ago. I manage a group on facebook with +/-500 students, and a lot of them started they project sooner. And that made me scared. Why? you may ask. With that, I see the... Continue Reading →

Hunt bugs and knowing Umbrello

Hi, folks! Is everything set to the start of Summer of Code in two weeks? No? I'm almost in the same situation =P I always thought that is hard to find bugs. I continue with this thought. And if hunt bugs in Br-Print3D isn't an easy task. Hunt bugs in Umbrello is 10 times more... Continue Reading →

GSoC Around the World

Yesterday I create the GSoC Students group at Facebook, to facilitate the communication between the students and to know their GSoC projects and where they are from. I start to build a Map to the students select their cities of origin, to analyze the range of the program Google Summer of Code around the world,... Continue Reading →

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