Hunt bugs and knowing Umbrello

Hi, folks! Is everything set to the start of Summer of Code in two weeks? No? I’m almost in the same situation =P

I always thought that is hard to find bugs. I continue with this thought. And if hunt bugs in Br-Print3D isn’t an easy task. Hunt bugs in Umbrello is 10 times more difficult. And I’m going to tell you why.

In Br-Print3D, I wrote most of the code, so I can found the bugs burning fewer neurons. And yesterday I start to work on the bugs that my mentor, Ralf Habacker, send to me, to get familiar with Umbrello code. I spend 4 hours in ONE bug. And didn’t discover where the bug is, I was using my logic where the events are happening and start from there. My conclusion, this morning, with a second look, is that the status of the parameter isn’t being set to the object. But I don’t know if I’m right, I’m waiting for confirmation of my mentor.

However, in the end, I didn’t “waste” my time. It’s a puzzle for me, I don’t like to give up or let it go. I get angry if I don’t understand or discover where the problem is. A few weeks ago I needed format my laptop, I was leaving the distro Fedora 23 behind to use ArchLinux. I needed format my laptop 3 times until I get success. In the end, I get knowing better how Linux works. =)

I realized that with this closer look, the code of Umbrello is easy to understand, even being a big program(for me at least…), everything is connect, and I get knowing better the program that I’m going to work at this Summer(Winter for me in Brazil), and program with Object Orientation is the best thing that I could use on my work with Qt, C++, and QML.

In two weeks the GSoC starts, and I’m planning to use this week to set my routine, and prepare for Lakademy, the Latin American Meeting of KDE in Brazil. That will be three days after GSoC begins. I hope to get tips from KDE community and continue to participate in this amazing community that is KDE. =)

That’s all for now. =)



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