#3 days to go… some thoughts

In 3 days, the initial deadline for Google Summer of Code starts, but for a lot of student’s, the GSoC started days ago.

I manage a group on facebook with +/-500 students, and a lot of them started they project sooner. And that made me scared. Why? you may ask. With that, I see the difference between they planning and mine. Maybe they started sooner because the difficult is greater, or they think that 3 months isn’t enough time to do what they planned. But for me, I see on them the proactivity that I would like to see in me. I developed a project that consists in make a program better, with the actual libraries, to improve the use of the software. Is centered on that. And I think that I didn’t need start before the initial deadline. Because for part of my mind, when 23 of May arrive, it will become real. But see those students, already working on their projects makes me think about what kind of experience I want to have in this GSoC. I remember that a professor mine, in a lecture said that the “problem” of the class is that we are reactive and not proactive. And that could give to us some trouble in the future, in our jobs or still at the University. I always thought about it, but turn into a reactive person is kinda of hard. Perhaps is the environment: I have a table in my room where my laptop stays, and in this place is where I work and procrastinate, lately I’m guessing that is causing some trouble to concentrate and work. Today I traveled to an another city, where the central pole of my University is, and I’m planning to go there see if I can concentrate enough to work in this initial days of GSoC, and I truly hopes that it works. However, that depends on me. This past month, since I had chosen from GSoC, made me think a lot about what kind of person I’m, and who I want to become. I’m using the community bound period to know the people of KDE Community that I already participate and the people of the group on facebook and this experience couldn’t be more amazing that it is.

Step by step, that is what I’m thinking right now, but sometimes you need to run or take a distance for a jump, and I guess that during this GSoC, that could happen. And I know, that when 30 August arrives, I will be a different person, and that… will be good. =)



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  1. In my experience as someone who had to work 8h/day, study, hack and relax behind the same desk for several years, it definitely is the fact that you’re always in the same environment.

    Go out, go to a library, coffee shop, hackerspace, turn your desk around, hack in the dining room …whatever, just make sure you have a different environment and some break (preferably including a walk outside) between your work and hacking.

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  2. If I think I’m reading your blog properly, I can only be productive when I get out of my house and not have my familiar environment around me. Otherwise I find all these distractions, things to eat, things to do. But it’s great that you’re sharing your journey, keep sharing!

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