Some plans do not cooperate with you…

I hate do re-work. You don’t have any idea how much I hate redo something. But when I wrote my GSoC project, I did in the week of the submission and the mentor that I needed was on vacation. So you can see the *drama* that I had.

I reached the creator at the IRC channel of KDE to see if he could help me, and Jonathan Riddel gives me the help that I need it, at the selection of bugs that I could work and others things that I was thinking about Umbrello. After two days, one before the end of submission time, I submitted my project to the KDE Community.

I planned my GSoC work in the way that I think that was better. But in this couple days, I need it stop and think for one sec. I was trying to do 3 things at the same time and don’t understand everything deep enough to do the best work.

The timeline that I did on my project went to garbage. And now I’m doing this new one, so I can achieve the goal of my project. I realize that was better divide my project in tasks to be accomplished, instead follow the timeline, because sometimes I could have some trouble with something, and wait for feedback from my mentor, so I guess that I will be effective doing in this way. So now I will write the tasks that I need to do, based on my GSoC project. Are you ready? GO!


  • Remove deprecated code
    • That’s a lot of code in Umbrello that still works with KDE Frameworks 4 and Qt4, and since Qt4 is officially deprecated, so is KF4. I want to remove this code, update for Qt5.6(New Long Time Support) where is need it, and the same applies for KF5.
  • Update CmakeLists
    • With the elimination of the deprecated code at the source of Umbrello, the CmakeLists will need to have an update to remove the code that handles the build of KF4 and Qt4 libraries.
  • Fix inconsistencies when they appear
  • Work on Bug 60452 ­ (In progress)
    • This bug is related to missing keywords to declare attributes and operations of C++ classes. I’m studying and remembering how Software Engineer works, and how these missing keywords can help the engineer to create better classes in Umbrello.
  • Bug 123633
    • ­ This bug is related to the creation of a new diagram type, the Object Diagram, where the UML notation defines the Object Diagram like:
      • An object diagram is a graph of instances, including objects and data values. A static object diagram is an instance of a class diagram; it shows a snapshot of the detailed state of a system at a point in time. The use of object diagrams is fairly limited, namely to show examples of data structure.”

  • Fix build of Umbrello with KF5 at Microsoft Windows(In progress)
    • This was the task that I planned to do at the end of GSoC, because in my mind I could remove the deprecated code and after solve the problem of the build in Windows environment. But my mentor wants me to do this task first and after remove the deprecated. You could ask how I can fix a problem if Umbrello doesn’t have the KF5 code… Actually, at 2014 Umbrello started to have some KF5 and Qt5 code inside, where it would work with KF4 OR KF5 build. I’m having some headache on the setup of the machine, Riddell released to me a Cloud Machine with Windows Server 2012, and after I struggled to install the Directx SDK so the build of Qt works, I started this night the build of KF5 and others KDE frameworks. I abandoned MSWindows at the beginning of 2015, and since them, I traveled around Linux distros until I installed ArchLinux last month. And I get used to working on terminal, write an apt-get/dnf/pacman and find what I want, install or compile, and I’m good to go. Now back to Windows, I don’t know how I didn’t leave Windows sooner. =S

Well, those are the tasks that I set in this new view of my project, for sure new tasks will appear since I’m trying to use the Divide and Conquer logic, so some of this tasks will be smashed apart, and if I end the tasks, my mentor and I will define new tasks for keeping me busy =) .

I’m calmer now, after right this and define things again. I can complain about have re-work, but sometimes is need it to think better and set things in black and white.

I hope that works hahahaha

That’s all for today! Bye =*


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