Coding at Lakademy

Today is the third day that Lakademy is happening at Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), and since the first hour, I’m doing a lot of code. The work is concentrated on my GSoC Project, and finally getting on track on my work in Umbrello.

It’s being a great time here, meeting the people that work with KDE Community in Brazil. Sandro is an awesome person, Lamarque is a great guy, Tomaz continues to be the crazy guy that I met. I’m in love!!! …with KDE

I’m practicing my English talk with Nicolas, that came from Argentina to participate in this sprint, also Lakademy is a warming up to the Randa Meetings Sprint that will happen in two weeks in Switzerland, that I’m going to participate! YAY


Find me here… TIP: Laptop with Stickers 😛

My plan in this sprint was continue work on my GSoC and learn QML for developing the new UI of Br-Print3D.

Now we are talking about the 20 years of KDE this year, and the things that we want to do to celebrate this date in Brazil.


T-Shirt of Lakademy 2016 =)

Since October, KDE is being a big change in my life. I started to contribute with Umbrello, and I hope that in the future I could contribute to others projects and ideas. At the end we aren’t the guys that participate in the same Community, we become friends. And that, I think that is the main importance of participate in KDE.

Thanks for reading! =) See ya!



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4 thoughts on “Coding at Lakademy

  1. Hi Lays, it’s nice hear you excited with KDE/Qt and working on Umbrello. Some day I will join kde community, I just need spare some time to spend it on a community or/and in some project. I am improving my knowledge in Qt bit a bit, and still want learn QML, but I am focusing one thing at time.
    Well, good luck on the sprint in Switzerland. Maybe this year I don’t gonna see you on FISL, but will be for a good cause. See ya.

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