Coding at Lakademy Pt II

Well, last week, the 4th Lakademy happened at Unirio, the Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhood of Urca, an amazing place on South Zone in Rio de Janeiro.

27342550362_bfe743b46d_o (1)

In the four days at the event, I worked on my Google Summer of Code project, that is Umbrello, the UML editor of KDE Community, fixing some issues on the build of KF5 on MsWindows, also I did work to fix a bug related to adding new attributes with type qualifiers and modifiers, and learning QML with Lamarque, to finish the skeleton of the new UI of Br-Print3D.


Was awesome days coding together with the people of KDE Brazil and the fellow friends, Nicolas from Argentina and Rony from Peru.

I think that for me, the invitation to contribute to KDE and participate in this events is the best thing that could happen to me. Because we share experiences, we talk about different point of views, we start to see the world with different eyes.

When the event ended, I went to the Sugar Mount, to have the experience to go to the cable car until the top of the mount.


That was one of the highlights to the Lakademy in Rio. The wonderful city. And was a big change from the cold and dark room that I was coding in those days. =)

The next event is Randa Meetings next week, you will hear more from me when I get there =)

That’s all folks!



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