Finally: Umbrello works on MsWindows

One of the tasks in my Google Summer of Code project was build Umbrello using KF5 in MsWindows and see if had any problems.

I spend two weeks in this task, some days I get blocked about Python issues that you can see in my previous post here.

However, when I fix those issues and configured the cmake to find the KF5 and Qt5 libs manually inside the project on QtCreator, Umbrello build fine without any compilation errors.


But, I get an error about missing DLL’s, that after a little research I discover that the error was about the missing path to D:/kderoot/bin on MsWindows %PATH%.

After this solved, Umbrello opened fine:

A challenge here was set the new directory to the %PATH%, since I was trying to do that in the prompt, I discovered, after a few attempts, that when the prompt is closed, the context of the new variable get lost. So I need to set this variable in the Environment Variables in the Control Panel.


Yeah, I remember, that more than a year ago, I used MsWindows, but never real developed something in there, just the small jobs of my college, mostly using C or Java. When I get pissed off about the delay on open things like the Windows Explorer folder, I started to use Ubuntu and never came back to Windows. Today I use ArchLinux and all my development environment is set with a few command lines in terminal. And this experience on build Umbrello on Windows was a thing that is hard to swallow, and I think: Why they need to make things so difficult?!

But since any new knowledge is good, was a good experience in the end.

That’s all for today!

Bye =)

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5 thoughts on “Finally: Umbrello works on MsWindows

  1. “Why they need to make things so difficult?!”
    This is exactly i think about 8 years then i come to Linux. I follow your work on reviewboard, great work 🙂

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