Randa Meetings – First Day

Hi! Everything all right with you?

Today was the first day of Randa Meetings, a KDE sprint in Randa, a city that is +/- 300km from Geneve/Switzerland.

I had a departure from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil at 11pm last Friday night and went to Frankfurt to get a connection to Geneve, the connection that I lost, because of the delay of the departure in Rio and to the plane taxiing on the airport to the arrival gate. For luck, the Service of Lufthansa understood the problem and booked me to the next flight.

After that, I got a train to Visp and then to Randa. Arrived at Mario’s house after midnight.

So, today I went to the big house and started to code… After a few pieces of advice from Tomaz, I started to make several changes in Umbrello code, that in the end leave me with more than 500 lines deleted and 200 ones added.

Also, I got my arrive package from Google Summer of Code! =D

And it’s awesome! \o/


Today I had the opportunity to talk with a lot of KDE nice people that is around here, and give to them Paçoca, a traditional candy that I brought from Brazil, that is a combination of Sugar and Peanuts melted together, and I think that they liked. Have doubts? Please watch the video:


For the next days I will wrote more about the experience that I’m having around here. But for now you can see my photos and follow me on Instagram(@lays147) for more photos. This is my first trip outside Brazil, and until now, is everything amazing.

The Randa Meetings is already happening, but you can support us through this link.



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