Randa Meetings – Day 4 and 5


In this past two days, I did a lot of work… Yesterday I work on Umbrello, fixing the DataTypeWidgets class that was responsible for using the new Cpp keywords/modifiers(* and & )/qualifiers(const, mutable, volatile…) that I added in Umbrello. That was the major task of the day, but in the end, I started to work in Br-Print3D new Ui.

So today I had a conversation with Nathan Lovato, about the palette of the colors that I could use in Br-Print3D and he show me the palette of Plasma environment, that was a good base to start.

So I went from this:


To this:



Also, I learn a lot of new stuff about QML that allowed me to improve a lot of things and remove some files that became unnecessary.

I receive a few tips from Aleix Pol(apol) to improve some layout stuff, from sebas in IRC to do this two widgets of the GCode File. On this task, I need to only show to the user the Header and Footer of the file, so I use a C++ background to read the GCode file and divide the header and footer to show in the Ui. I was having some trouble on how to set this data to the screen in this two light grey rectangles, but with the tip of sebas, I was able to do it.

Now the next task is add the icons, that I’m waiting for the designer delivers to me(or I find someone that could help with that – what happens first).

After that, I fix the layout of everything: align things in the center, set the background and text colors, fix the size/resize of the app. I set the minimum size to 800×600 and the maximum size to 1920×1080, that I think that is enough.

Now I need to wait for Ayrton made the initial tests with the KI(Print Kernel), that is the layer of communication between ~me~ and the 3DPrinter. He worked together with Tomaz, and did a lot of improving on this new version, with a lot less consuming of process and memory, but that I will leave for he told you. =)

Also I’m planning to use the Qt3D module to make the render of the GCode file, fortunately, today Qt 5.7 was released, and this module is officially supported, and they have made a Qt3D scene designer to design things that you need and this designer export for you the QML file to use in your project. I think it will be a good help to make the base of the renderization. If you want more info click here to see the release notice about Qt3D.

I don’t now ~yet~ if Qt5.7 will be the minimum version of Qt that I will require in Br-Print3D because of the 3DView. I need to make some tests to see if I can use Qt5.6 LTS like my base.

I guess that is all for today.

Tomorrow morning I will interview Mario, to make a small video to KDE-Promo and the 20 years of KDE. I’m also planning to ask the people around here: What is the best thing to work in Randa ~or something like that, was Tomaz idea…~ I don’t know what will be the result of that… hahahaha

Support the Randa Meetings Sprint here.

Ps.: This post was delayed because of the status of the internet here…


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