The end of Randa Meetings 2016

Ok… Unfortunately, the edition of Randa Meetings 2016 ended yesterday. ='(

This week run out fast, but I enjoyed every minute.

First, I want to thank Tomaz Canabrava, that brings me to KDE Community and gives me the opportunity to make this changes in my life, to get me rid out my comfort zone and show me the world.

Second, I want to thank Mario Fux for the invitation to come to Randa, to work on the new version Br-Print3D surround to amazing programmers that helped me in this week.

Now on the days 5 and 6 of Randa I did it:

  • Final Adjusts in the interface of Br-Print3D


  • Went to hiking in the Matterhorn at Zermatt


  • Tried to upload review requests to my mentor about Umbrello – The internet at Randa didn’t work well in this last 3 days. I fixed the issues that my mentor highlighted in the ReviewBoard.
  • Cooked Brigadeiro, that is a traditional candy in Brazil, and everyone like it (I hope…)

I can’t find words to say how Randa Meetings was to me. I learned a lot from all the guys that helped me in Br-Print3D or Umbrello. I’m sure, that I came out there with my skills like C++/Qt/QML programmer improved. I’m very glad for all the experience that I had in Randa, and I hope to keep this in mind for the rest of my life.

And… I guess that this photo can explain the rest…


Support the Randa Meetings Sprint here.

Bye =)


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