Mid-term eval – GSoC 2016


Today I will make a resume about everything that I already did in my Google Summer of Code since the beginning on May 23rd.

My GSoC project is work on Umbrello – The UML editor of KDE Community and give a New Breath to it because there’s a lot of things around there to be updated and improved.

My project is divided into this tasks:

  1. Remove Deprecated Code Qt4/KF4  to Qt5/KF5
    • This task is already finished, I’m just waiting for the final revision of my mentor so I can push the changes into the related branches.
  2. Fix issues on MsWindows
    • I already compile Umbrello in there, but for miss communication between me and my mentor, the issues that I need it to fix there aren’t clear, but I already reached him and we are discovering what need to be made.
  3. Fix bug related to missing keywords for C++
    • This bug is already fixed it. I need it to add the missing keywords for the type of the variables, and that was the easy part. But C++ have others special word’s that aren’t a type, but can be related, they are the type Qualifiers(volatile, const, mutable) and the type Modifiers(* and &), and for this two I need it to create new widgets to add in the Attribute Dialog for the Diagram Class, and that open a door to redo almost all the dialogs of Umbrello, because for the widgets have a good layout, the way that the dialogs were wrote, didn’t help, so I started to make UI’s to give me a better shot in make the dialogs, and like most of the widgets are used in all dialogs, I need it to make a big change in the code of Umbrello, and that is giving a final revision with 1928 lines added and  981 lines removed. I did some mistakes, since this patch is too big, but wasn’t an another way to do it, because every change in the widgets affected at least 5 others files. And with this new widgets, it happens that I will fix an another Umbrello bug that is open, that is related to create a new way to organize the widgets in the attribute. 
  4. Create an instance/object Diagram
    • I already started to study how to wrote this new diagram, but this task will be held until the tasks 2 and 3 be completed.

Also for my happiness, my mentors already give to me the green light in the Mid-Term evaluation, and I will continue to do the best work that I can do in my project. I have a month and a half to finish it, and I think that I can do it. =)

Thank’s for the reading!

That’s all folks!


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