GSoC -Breath and Review

Well, more than a month ago my GSoC started, and now it’s time to take a breath and made some reviews on my work.

A couple weeks ago I went to Randa Meetings, a sprint of KDE, and there I did a lot of work in Umbrello.

Tomaz gave to me a few tips, and there was where the mess started.

Don’t understand me wrong, the advice from Tomaz was useful. My logic that wasn’t.

I still remember my professor in my college saying that my code was a mess, why? You  may ask. Because I tried to make everything in the same time and in the same function. I used to say that divide and conquer is the best logic that you can use when you code start to look messed up. Unfortunately, I forget to apply this logic in my work.

I need it to write 2 new widgets and insert into one dialog, however, the way that this dialog was written, was awful for me to add the new widgets. The solution and the tip from Tomaz were rewrite the dialog using QDesigner and fix the layout of the widgets. However, some changes affected other files, and instead of only fix the necessary things and add the widgets, I started to re-write all the dialogs, and this made my patch too big and caused an issue between my mentor and me. “This patch has a lot of unrelated changes…” And there’s nothing that I can do about it. Is more than 100 patches in my local git related to this changes, and pick the ones related only with my task isn’t easier.

Now I’m making the final adjusts in this changes. Most of them is fix the layout on the dialogs, that you can see below:

Finishing this task means that one of the bugs that are on my task of this GSoC will be closed. I’m justing waiting for the final review of my mentor, so I can ship it!

That’s all folks! =)


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