17th FISL, KDE Brazil and cake!

Hey, everything ok?

In this last week happened in a cold city called Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, the 17 edition of FISL, the Free Software International Forum.

Well… KDE has always participated in this forum, and the organization gave to us all day in a room, so the KDE Community could make a lot of talks.

I went there to talk about Stubbornness, Campus Party, and KDE, with the goal of sharing my experience about how this 3 things together changed my life. The point of this talk was made new persons get to know KDE, and encouraging them to go to(more) events. Because events/forums can change lives. Like changed my own. In my University, almost half of the students don’t care in go to events, and on this technology events, you will find what the company wants to share, and what skills you need to learn/know to work with them. And was in the Campus Party Sao Paulo 2015 that I saw that, and have my trigger to start to do something outside the college. Was a small talk that I did in 20 minutes, and got positive and bad feedbacks about it.


Also, I participate in another talk, with some friends, with the goal to share the pros and cons about the future of Drones and 3DPrinting. Since technology evolves really fast, and the IA that we are programming are getting smarter than never, we should think about the consequences of this technology. With 3DPrinting, a Drone could auto-replicate you, and depending on how it’s used, we can have a lot of bad things happening. We discussed a little bit about the ethics behind the use of Drones, and how that can affect the world that we live. Anyone with a 3DPrinter and some knowledge about robotics can build a Drone. In Brazil, we already had some issues about the use of Drones, and that started a discussion about regulation of use. An air space that the Drone need to be, so that cannot affect other things like airplanes and helicopters. Must be a regulation? Maybe. I need to study more about the subject so I can say more about it.

Also, KDE is making 20 years! YAY And we make a special party in our stand to celebrate this special BDay!

We had this *awesome* cake!

And was so great! Was a great time with the community of KDE Brazil and people that use KDE in day by day sharing with us this *awesome* day!

And yesterday, a friend of mine, Elias Silveira, publish in Facebook this draw of Konqi, that he did it using Krita 3.0! He is so skilled in draw things in Krita, that I get amazed every time that I saw a work of him in my feed. You can see Elias works here.


Well… 20 years of KDE, and I’m almost one year in this community, and I’m very thankful for being part of it. Thanks, KDE Brazil for the support, and all the community for giving me the chance to be a KDE contributor!

Happy Birthday, KDE! \o/



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