Programming is like a puzzle. Sometimes you need to break the puzzle to solve it – GSoC


A few years ago my mom got for me a Magic Cube(or Rubic Cube). After days trying to solve it, I gave up and leave the cube in somewhere in my house.

Months later, my mom  disassembled the cube and mount again with the right colors.


I started to programming back in 2010, learned some Pascal, and then went to College where I learned C and a little bit of Java. But when I was in my second class of programming, I started to hate programming. I wasn’t able to do the exercises that my Professors gave to me to do it. But few years passed,and now I’m here, loving C++ and Qt, and soon entering in a journey to learn Python. Why am I saying all of this? Well, when I started to like programming again, I use this thinking: It’s a puzzle, and every puzzle has solution. Even if you need to break the puzzle to fix it.

And sometimes you need to tell everything apart to find the solution. And that is happening in my project right now.

With the deadline of Summer of Code on the nex week, and with 70% of my project completed, I’m still trying to figure out some issues, so the right things can be called instead of the wrong ones.

A few minutes ago, I made a git reset and stash throwing away all my morning work. And going back to the status that I was last night. Sometimes I do that. When my mind is full of others things and I can’t think straight anymore. Sometimes is good go back, break the puzzle apart, and start over. Sometimes I got lucky and find a better solution…

I do that a lot. Sometimes when I can’t solve a problem, I leave that and do something else to clean my mind. Some code issues take my peace of spirit away. And isn’t good.

And, my advice for you is: If you can’t solve a puzzle, sometimes is good break everything apart. But be careful, your computers isn’t included. xD

Well, let me try to finish this, and have my peace of spirit back.

That’s all folks!




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