#TheDevConf – Porto Alegre/RS/Brazil


There’s a while that I don’t write a post… But my life got a little crazy on this past weeks, and now I have some stuff to share with you!

Well, between the 5 and 8 of October happened in Porto Alegre, in Brazil, an another edition of The Developers Conference(TDC).

TDC is my crush. On all events of technology in Brazil that I had participate, TDC is the best one. It’s an event for developers made by developers. We have 3 editions during the year, the first in Florianópolis – Santa Catarina, the second in São Paulo – SP and the last one in Porto Alegre(YAY!)

On this edition, I had the opportunity to manage the track of 3DPrinting, that happened today(10/08). We had talked about OpenSCAD, on how to build 3D Meshes for 3DPrinting, 3D printed prosthesis, and how is produced the 3d print filament by a Brazilian Company(F3DB).

But TDC started on the last Wednesday, so Yara Senger, that is the header of TDC sent to me an email asking if I had an interest in have a Maker’s area. And I answered to her a big YES, I WANT!

So, my friends arrived here with a 3DPrinter, and the electronics so we could invent some stuff… =D

In one second I got the 3DPrinter to me… Patrick, Tomaz, and Chris are working like crazy on AtCore, and I was getting crazy in not have a way to test it.

My precious!!!

So I printed some stuff, but the 3dprinter had some issues, I tried to print 3 times an Arduino mega case, but I wasn’t able to finish them. But with success I did this keychain:


I had access to 2 3DPrinters, the first one on the above picture have the firmware called Teacup, and the second one, with Marlin. So I and Chris started the plugins of this firmware on AtCore so I could test it.

The few tests that I could do was very productive. I found some inconsistencies on some part of the code, that we are already working on it. And in my opinion the good part is that part of the firmware is based on Grbl(for CNC machines), so the work of the plugins is to handle specifics features of each firmware, but the base stuff, like send Home commands or print a model, is the same. So, I was able to test the base plugins with no problems.

Also, on the track of 3DPrinting, I was able to test it the 3DDoodler, a kind of pen that you can draw stuff with the technic of 3DPrinting… I did that:


During the days of TDC, I finally started to use my kit of electronics stuff… The store FILIPEFLOP is the perfect store to buy electronics in Brazil, and they had a standing area on TDC with some circuits so you could see what you can do with a simple Arduino Uno. Since all the projects that you can do with and Uno you can do with a Mega too, I bought the sensor of proximity and a led board, and build a small circuit, that you can check on this video.

On the video you can see Ana, playing with my circuit. On the first moment that I made that work, I was like a child with the glow in her eyes on Christmas night hahahaha

That gave to me a new spirit to work with hardware stuff \o/

That’s all folks!

Check more photos! =D



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