Happy BDay KDE! \o/

Well, today KDE is making his 20 years old. And fortunately, I’m making my first year on KDE \o/.

On this very day on last year, I was in the Latinoware, one of the big conferences in Brazil about Free Software and open source. At the time I went there to learn more about Free Software and to present Br-Print3D on the 1º Latin Conference of Free Hardware inside Latinoware.

The funny history behind my invitation to contribute to KDE started on the end of the first day of Latinoware. I went to the bus to go back to the hotel with Ayrton(The guy that worked with me on Br-Print3D) and started to complain about how was hard to find Qt programmers in Brazil. What I wasn’t expecting is that on the seat beside me was Tomaz Canabrava, and on the back Helio Chissini. Helio came up and said: Whaaaat?

On that very day Tomaz started to look on my work and said that was garbage, and that was the reality xD .

On the next day Tomaz invited me and Ayrton to include Br-Print3D in KDE and work with the community, after a while discussing this, we chose to go all in.

Today I’m very grateful to Tomaz and all the opportunities that KDE gave to me, based on the path that I started to walk on the yes that I said one year ago.

So, this is a special date for KDE and to me. =D


P.S.: Br-Print3D isn’t a KDE project anymore, now is Atelier, if you like 3DPrinting and want to help us, please reach us on freenode #kde-atelier =D

That’s all folks!



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    1. Hi Joseph. The job of a Printer Host is to be a controller for the 3DPrinter, but is common added a feature to slice STL files, but isn’t recommended. Usually Cura is used. Currently neither Atelier or Br-Print3D uses a slicer.


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