SETI – Week of Information Technology

Yay! My last event of 2016!

I’m almost 600 kilometers of my town. On the Federal University of Lavras, Minas Gerais.

I submitted a proposal to do a talk here. The organization accepted, and this afternoon I made a talk about Qt with the title: Qt – Your toolkit Python/C++ with the real write once, deploy everywhere.

When I thought about this title, needs to be kind sensationalist, to call for people to come. Python calls people. And the doodle: Write once, deploy everywhere, to tease up the Java guys xD

I did a talk for almost 100 people, and was very good!

My first question was how many people in the room knew Qt, only 4 persons raised their hands… Well, now everyone in that class knows Qt because I think that I did a good job on the explanation hahahaha



One of the surprises was that when I start to explain an example of how you can use CMake to handle differences between operational systems, I asked the crowd: – Ah, you guys use Windows? A heard a big no, so I asked how many people use Linux, 90% of the crowd raised their hands! Was a big difference from any other events that I asked that same question!

I explained to them what is Qt, how the API’s is used, the difference between the open source and commercial licenses, what kind of apps exists, on the market that is written in Qt, I specific talked about KDE apps like Marble, Minuet, KDE Connect(That I used in my presentation) and Atelier. You can check my presentation on this link, however, is in Portuguese.

The students made questions like:

  • If the support of Qt to mobile devices is very stable
  • Qt for embedded devices
  • Community
  • If Qt is easy to learn

I think that all the talks that I did this year, this one was the most productive! I had a good base of Qt to explain with confidence what I want, I did good examples, and that I can thank Lamarque Souza that reviewed my presentation and gave to me good feedbacks.

On the spare time, I started to play with my Arduino Mega and sensors again. I’ve played around with LEDs and the LCD monitor, where I was able to do it a good KDE birthday message:


Playing with LEDs… =D

You can find some videos of what I did with the Arduino on my Instagram account: lays147

Also, I pushed all my sketches to my Github account, and you can check here.

Now it prepares for the upcoming events in 2017, beginning with the 10º edition of Campus Party Brazil, in January, that have the promise to be a big party!

That’s all folks!


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Information Systems Student. 3DPrinting Enthusiastic. Works within KDE Community to make the Free Software World in a better place. Pleno Developer at Meta. Python | Qt | C++ | 3DPrinting | Free Software | KDE <3

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