GSoC – Brazilian Students: Why so few?

Hi! Everything ok with you? =D

I was thinking about how my participation of GSoC this year made me a better programmer and passing on the final evaluation added to my career a big deal. And then I started to think in produce a talk about it, to spread the word about Google Summer of Code in Brazil. So for work on that idea I chose to see the numbers: How many Brazilian students participated on the GSoC on the past few years.

So, 196 students. In 7 years. A media of 28 students per year. And only India in this year had 454 students.

I only heard about GSoC when I joined KDE, lucky me. But what about the others students? Where did they discover GSoC?

Most of the Brazilians think that we don’t have enough power/knowledge to do great things. I was one of them. When Tomaz present GSoC to me, I thought: “Ah, I can’t go in, I don’t have enough knowledge, I don’t speak English very well, I’m not a good programmer.” All that stuff to decrease myself. I didn’t believe, that I, a girl from a small town in the middle of nowhere were able to participate in a program run by Google. And now here I’m, a successful student of 2016 edition. And I think that we have a lot of potentials out there, and with the same thinking that I had before GSoC

We(Brazilians), most of the time, think that the grass of ours neighborhoods is greener than ours. I remember to read an article discussing that. That we have excellent professionals around the world, and they are Brazilians, and they do an excellent job on their field area. Maybe the problem is that all the good professionals are going out to overseas work on the big company, and the ~media~ don’t put that on the news. To show: “Hey! Look at that! This kid from the middle of nowhere did that” or “Hey! We funded a company of cred card that is revolutionary on the way that we treat our clients and how they can use a total digital card!”. This last one is NuBank, a company that is revolutionizing the way to use a cred card. Everyone loves NuBank here, and most of the banks are trying to make a service like NuBank because now they are discovering that a good care of the client worths more.

This is one example of what we have of good in Brazil, but most of the time we don’t give value.

GSoC can be the door that can open a lot of opportunities to a lot of Brazilians. And sadly, only reach a small part of the students around here.

I never wanted to change the world. But if I want to do something, I go there and do the best that I can. And now I want, step by step, spread the world of GSoC, so more Brazilians can have the opportunities that I had and the ones to come. And make the GSoC by Numbers about Brazil rise =D

This post is just a dump of a thought that started a few weeks ago. I would be pleased to hear what is your opinion on this subject.

That’s all folks!




7 thoughts on “GSoC – Brazilian Students: Why so few?

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    1. Oi Gabriel! Massa saber que vocês foram aceitos no GSoC.
      O ideal para divulgação é no público-alvo de vocês: Universitários.
      No caso do meu blog a abrangência é internacional por sair no planet do KDE, que é um agregador de feeds de várias pessoas que tem um acesso considerável por dia.
      Eu tenho alguns contatos no facebook que podem ajudar na divulgação, mas uma coisa sobre o GSoC é que geralmente os estudantes já escolhem as comunidades e projetos que irão ajudar bem antes da chamada de trabalhos de alunos abrir.
      Mas vamos conversar por e-mail/telegram pra que eu elabore um post pro meu blog e lance ainda hoje.
      See ya!


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