When does your career begin?

My first contact with technology, and I mean the first time that I touched a computer, was when I was eleven years old. My mom subscribed me in an initial course about informatics in a public institute at my hometown. And since then I made all courses about technology that I could put my hands on. When I was in High School and my school bought a laptop so we could do presentations, was me that removed the thousand of the virus and solved the issues, so the laptop could be useful. So it makes sense go to college in the tech area.

In 2011 I moved out from my hometown so I could start college. Computer Science was my choice. And my thinking until beginning of 2015 was: I will go to college, will finish, maybe do a master’s degree and then get a job.


Well, that plan didn’t work out. I was thinking that my career would only begin after I finish college, however, the way that technology is evolving, we can’t wait for after college.


When 2015 started, I was planning one more year of college, but then I decided to go to one of the biggest events related to the technology of Brasil. When I got back home, I realized that I couldn’t wait. I need it to go to more events, do networking, meet people with the same interests or different. I need it to learn more that I was learning in the 4 walls of my classroom.

And was with that work, were at the end of 2016 I could say: I have a career.  And I can’t say when it started. I only know that I have one.

I don’t know if you can say: Was on this day, several years ago that my career started.

I can’t.

The moment that I started to realize that I had a career, was when I was at The Developers Conference in October of last year. For the first time, I was playing with my Arduino and a strip of led. On that moment, that I put the leds on with a code that I made on Arduino IDE. That moment, of full happiness, could not happen if I stayed at my home… I was able to do that because of all background that I built.


When I realized that, my view of my life and future changed radically. I wasn’t a person that planned the future. I used to live the moment(Still do sometimes). I couldn’t plan more than the lunch of the next day. Maybe I have matured. Maybe now with my 24 years old I have more experience of life.

I just know that I think that I’m on the correct path. I’m discovering my values, my weakness, and my strengths while trying to build a strong career. Without leaving my personal life behind.

Don’t get worried when you career will start, just make sure when you have one, that you are doing the best to build the best career that you want for yourself.


“We’re all stories in the end just make it a good one”

Eleventh Doctor.




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