10 years of Campus Party Brazil \o/

Since 2015 I go to Campus Party Brazil. CPBR how is known here is the biggest event about technology that Brazil have, and this year was celebrated the 10th edition.

The #CPBR10 started to me on last Tuesday, when I arrived at Sao Paulo. A friend of mine brought to me 2 3DPrinters, and I was able to stay with one from Wednesday to Friday. Was awesome, I was able to print a lot of stuff and learn a lot about 3DPrinting. Now I’m considering myself like a Lady Maker.


The best thing that I like in Campus Party is the networking. You have a lot of chances there, you just need to search for the one that you want.

I meet Nick Van Breda, a guy from Netherlands, that with only 24 years old is a guy that already organized more than 30 hackathons, and his personal goal is to help, until he makes 30 years old, 1 million of young persons to be entrepreneurs or at least work on things that they are passionate. I watched Nick talk, and man, I love it! A lot of things that he said about Hackathons and how we can change the society it was blowing up my mind. I do not consider myself an innovative person, but if I’m trying to be a maker and made the world a better place for me and the people that will be around here in the future, I need to work on that.


One slide at Nick presentation caught up my attention, and had this wrote one:

“Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up but what problems do they want to solve. This changes the conversation from who do I want to work for, to what do I need to learn to be able to do that.”

That quote is from Jaime Casap, a Google Education Evangelist.

Yes, we need to change our way of thinking, because the world is changing a lot, and too fast, the internet is having a big impact on it, and another thing that Nick said in his talk, is that we are the first generation that is worried and working with the problems of the world. I don’t know if you know, but UN has a program called: Sustainable Development Goals, that have 17 goals to achieve to change the world to a better place. At Campus Party, we had a big Hackathon were the competitors choose one of that 17 goals and developed a solution for it. And we had great solutions developed by brazilians. And this initiative is, of course, global.


Lately, I’m seeing a lot of content connected to a keyword: Innovation. I kinda of think that we are pushing too hard on that. But that is the subject of an another post. And Innovation was a subject chosen by Dado Schneider, a Brazilian talker that do crazy presentations about entrepreneurship. Dado has the fame to do silent lectures, with only slides and music to impact. And he talked about what the companies need to do to not die in the near future.

“The customer wants differentiation. The world calls for innovation.”

Dado studied how the generations in Brazil is changing, and he has a lot of definitions about it, but sadly I don’t have his presentation and only took the picture above. But he is a visionary, and all the content that he said, about the current generation, is quite right. And another quote from his talk that I took from a Brazilian article says:

The speed of change is brutal and the current clash of generations has shifted to a set of visions. Well-groomed new people will join experienced up-to-date people.

The feeling that I had after Dado’s talk, was that he said a lot of stuff that I should know, or at least be prepared for, but because of blindness, I couldn’t see. I feel this lack of depth in a lot of people, that we only look for the tip of the iceberg because the internet is kind of alienating us. And Campus Party give me the chance to go deep again.

A lot of ideas came up because of Dado’s and Nick’s talks. And one thing that I learned is that sharing what you know, even if is a small knowledge, it can transform the world. And this is why I’m sharing with you, my experience at the 10th edition of Campus Party Brazil.

I also did a talk about Google Summer of Code, and I was very happy that at least 4 students that went to my talk are seriously thinking in submit a proposal for the upcoming GSoC.


Well, for now, is that I will leave you with my Pacman Ghosts and a Pikachu:


Thanks Sethi3D for borrowing me the 3DPrinter during the Campus Party.

Ah… I forgot one thing… I did a 3DPrint Photo, the technic is called Lithophane. I did like a tribute to Izzy Nobre, a guy that came from Calgary-Canada, to do a talk at #CPBR10.  What do you think? It came out good, isn’t? =D


That’s all folks!


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