Atelier now have a Logo! =D

Yay! Now we have a logo! What do you think about it?


Atelier is making around six months of development, and now is time to give you some updates.

AtCore is on it’s way to becoming stable, and I’m working on Atelier interface, so we can connect to AtCore and do some magic to everything work properly.

Since we started Atelier, one of my goals is to give the best UX possible. I’m not a Ux designer, so I work in the base of design some widget, ask for someone to see, if it’s good, move forward, otherwise, do everything again. We(Me and Tomaz) are working on some widgets, but with the lack of time lately is becoming a rough challenge to work on Atelier. Patrick and Chris are working on the improvement of AtCore and testing.

The mainly features like the charts to follow the bed and extruder’s temperatures is almost done and hope to be merged in AtCore and Atelier soon. Patrick and Willian Galvani are working in the 3DPlot so we can render the GCode file. They are using QML and JS, and is coming really good!

For now, you can get AtCore on the KDE repositories, or if you are using ArchLinux you can get it on AUR. AtCore was crafted to Windows, but something isn’t allowing that AtCore load the plugins of the firmwares, you can connect your 3DPrinter, but you are not allowed to print, for safety, if a plugin is not loaded. We are working on a workaround for that, but until we do not get there, I do not recommend that you use AtCore on Windows.

And like always, networking is the best thing that you can do with every opportunity that you have. So months ago I asked in a group if someone was a designer, and I found Anny Navarro, and after a while, she gave me the firsts versions of Atelier logo, until we got the final version that you could see the beginning of this post.

Also, if you have a 3DPrinter or a CNC machine, join our group on Telegram, we are looking for testers. And if you want to contribute to, join the channel anyway. =D

Hope to bring more news soon. =D

That’s all folks!




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