Speakerfight: A new way to do call4talks

Since January I’m participating on events on Rio de Janeiro area. The one that every month is scheduled in my calendar is PythonRio. A Python(obviously =P ) event, but you can talk about everything that you want that fit the goal of the event: Share knowledge.

And every two weeks before the event, they open a Call4Talks. And using a tool that I started to admire: Speakerfight.

Speakerfight is called by their creators an “arena” where you submit your talk to an event, anonymously, and the attendees of the event choose what they want to see.


A point that I admire is this: You can have an event with more equality. You don’t choose a talk because the person that will do it, you will choose the talk because of the content. And with that, you break a cycle, that I see a lot in Brazil, that you call persons by their names, not by the quality of their talk.

And every good thing that is good and has an awesome purpose, we need to spread the word of it. =D

Sadly, their website isn’t translated into English, but you can find the project on Github and use it.

Speakerfight is powered by Python and Django.

Tell me what you think about this tool. =D

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That’s all folks!




6 thoughts on “Speakerfight: A new way to do call4talks

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  1. Sometimes the speakers are more important than the content. For example, if Scott Meyers gave a talk about anything C++ related, or the amazing Simon Peyton Jones on Haskell, nobody in their right mind would ever vote ‘no’.

    The other problem is that you might end up with a lot of the same talks. For example, functional programming is quite popular lately. CfP will result in 5 talk proposals that are basically the same. If you want to listen about FP, you will have to vote for all of them.

    I’d love to have a mixture of these two things – some people vote on the content, some on content+speaker.

    Have a nice time at PythonRio! 🙂

    (and submit a talk for Akademy!)

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    1. Well, my point was that there’s some people with “name” but has a lack of quality. If the guys that you pointed out have great content, you don’t have the motive to deny.
      However, we can have a mixture of the two things and give a chance for people that are unknown.
      I still don’t know about Akademy… Who knows…

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