Docker <3 AtCore

Today I’m going to talk about Docker. I may have been laying around a draft about my start on Docker world, but probably will be below some web dust by now in my drafts… Docker is a great tool, but I never got the chance to go deep. I used Rafael Gomes aka Gomex book toContinue reading “Docker ❤ AtCore”

9 months of Atelier project, almost time to launch(or not) =D

Well, 9 months is a long time. For a baby is the time to be born. For Atelier was the time to mature. For you that are here for the first time, let me tell you what Atelier is. Atelier is the name of a KDE project, with the goal to control 3DPrinters(And CNC’s). ItContinue reading “9 months of Atelier project, almost time to launch(or not) =D”

Progressive Web App and Planet KDE

Hi! Today I’m here to share an experience and show you an Application that I did last weekend. On the last Saturday, I went to an event called Progressive Web Apps Roadshow made by Google. It’s an event that is going around the world, where Googlers talk about Progressive Web Apps and why they areContinue reading “Progressive Web App and Planet KDE”