My adventures on Crafting PT II

5 days ago I did the part one of this adventure, that you can check here.

Now it’s time for part two. =D

Well, I was able to Craft AtCore. And have it running on Windows.


However, that raised a problem that I had when I crafted AtCore on the beginning of the year. It wasn’t finding the plugins, so I wasn’t able to connect a 3DPrinter.

Now with Hannah’s help I was able to see what was happening on the debug using one more tool in Craft, vsd, that gave me the feedback that AtCore has when running from a terminal, so we discovered that the TestClient was trying to load the plugins from the build folder instead of the installation path that Craft used.

So Chris was able to make a differential to fix that issue, and today I was able to test it.

And worked like a charm. All the plugins were searched and loaded in the right place.

So the next step was to setup the installer, and I got a few slaps from Hannah while setup my python script inside Craft for building the package using NSIS.

I copy&paste the script used on Kate and adapted for AtCore situation. So far everything is working, so I just need to have an icon done and submit the diff for approval and have it inside Craft.


The next step is the Releasing (YAY) of our beta version of AtCore. For that, you will need to wait a while so I can finish the design of Atelier website and have it inside KDE infrastructure. Here’s a sneak peak of the layout of the website. =D


Well, let me know if you are excited to see the first KDE application to be used on 3DPrinting!


That’s all folks! =D

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3 thoughts on “My adventures on Crafting PT II

  1. I am *stoked* about this project! I am re-building my old printer, which is based on Marlin firmware, so it should just work with this. Excellent news!

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