Atelier/AtCore Updates =D

Well, it’s time for some updates. =D

As you know we are working on the development of a Printer Host inside KDE Community called Atelier.


So far, so good. =D haha

We are working on the final adjust and getting feedback of KDE-Core-Devel team to move our application from Playground to Extragear so we can do launch first release.

We were able to successful build AtCore and it’s test client for Windows and Mac. With that in hand, I got some testers users and we are having great feedback on it. Some testers are making stress jobs on AtCore, and until now, no problem has been raised.

This is what Atelier team wants, to validate the strength and stability of our core to release Atelier with confidence.

Like you saw on the last posts about AtCore, we have this interface:


We are working on a new control for the axis movement, it was a control that Tomaz did a while ago, and we’ve been working on it to use on Atelier too.


Don’t mind for all black color on this app. Because my default theme is black, and AtCore is following my theme. But well, I love it ❤

Regarding the Docker container of AtCore, I moved the DockerFile to AtCore repository and based on my fork, the container is updated on my Docker Hub account. So it’s good to go if you want to give it a try.


Well, I’ve been doing a lot of work on Atelier, I did a full refactor of the MainWindow and the way that it’s being built. So far I haven’t nothing to show because it’s an ongoing process.

But, I’m working on Atelier website, and it’s almost ready to be moved to a KDE official server, I just need to do a few more adjusts on it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really love the web skills that I acquired learning and developing with Python. Well, but that cute front is a Bootstrap template, so… isn’t all my doing, but is coming out nicely!

Well, this is the last updates on it. =D

I hope to have more news soon. \o/

For now, I will leave you with this cute #Covfefe



That’s all folks!



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  1. I want to get my fingers wet with 3D printing on Linux. What’s the most comfortable way to start? What printers are known to work good with Linux? How do I feed the printer with an STL file? What if I only have step-files of the 3D models? (lots of questions) anyway, thanks in advance for helping

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    1. Well, Thomas. Most of 3DPrinters that you can find out there works on Linux. What depends on is that the software that you may want use for 3DPrinting are available for Linux. There are some 3DPrinters that are all proprietary, and that is really bad for a Linux user.
      Now about 3DPrinters I love Prusa Mk2(700US), it really do a great job, there’s the Creality CR10 ~300US) that some people told me that is good too. I say to you to check out on 3DPrintingNerd Channel on youtube, he has a lot of reviews on many 3DPrinters, and you can discover wich one fits you better.
      The 3DPrinter interprets a GCode file, this GCode can be generated by a few types of 3D meshes, like STL and OBJ. This GCode can be created inside a slicing program, and it’s common for all 3Dprinters that are based on an opensource firmware. You can check reprap’s site here to know a little more about GCode:
      The slicing program that I would suggest is Cura because it’s opensource and free.
      If you want to make more questions, I would suggest to you to join our group on the telegram, where we can help you more.


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