Atelier and the social networks

This post is only a catch-up.

In my opinion, I think that any project needs to have their social networks accounts and website so people can easily find information about it.

To achieve that, the first thing that I put some work into, was on the website. Atelier isn’t only for Linux users, so we need to have a place were Windows and OSX users can download the binaries, and that was one more incentive to create a website.

My internship gave me a few skills of web programming using Python and Flask, so I was able to use a Bootstrap template for the front end and python on the back,  and in a couple of hours, the website was done.

Thanks to KDE Sysadmin work, the site is now up on:


I also used this work to test my capabilities on CI using Travis to run the tests and Landscape to run coverage on the code. You can see this info on the repository of this project at my GitHub account here.

We also have a few more social networks:

Telegram English: @KDEAtelier

Telegram Portuguese: @KDEAtelierBrasil

Free node Irc: kde-atelier (With bridge to the telegram English group)


If you have interest in the 3DPrinting field and wish to contribute to us, don’t hesitate to enter on our channels and chat with us!

That’s all folks!





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