Update on PWAPlanet – Planet KDE

Helloooo =D

I don’t know if you remember, that on the beginning of this year I went o a Google event where I learn a few about Progressive Web Apps, if you don’t, please access this post, where I explain my adventure.

So today I went to an another Google Event, Google Dev Fest Rio(GDGRio), was I was able to do a talk about the framework that we all love: Qt :3

My happy audience =D
My happy audience =D

So, with my spare time after my talk, I remember that my Web App for Planet KDE was alone for a while and needed some love.

I was able to add the share button, where when you enter on the app you can share the article in your social media. It’s a built-in option for Android, so uses the default share setup. This was a feature that I wanted since version 0.1 but delayed until today. So with that new feature, I uploaded the version for 0.2.

However, I dive into a couple of bugs that the app has, and opened issues on Github so I can work on them when I found more inspiration to research inside the JavaScript and PWA world.

Check the APP here.

Check the repository here.

That’s all folks. =D


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