10 days to go – KDE End of Year Fundraising

Hello =D

Today I’m here to talk with you about the KDE End of Year Fundraising.

I’m part of KDE community since the end of 2015. And my file it’s a LOT better because of it.

I was able to grow a lot as a developer and as a person.

On the developer part, I was able to learn more about Qt and C++, started Atelier, where I put together my passion about 3DPrinting and my love for Qt.  I started my internship(Where my contribution with KDE was a differential) and over there I learned web skills that made me able to build my personal page, Atelier page and help KDE with my work on the KDE-eV Fundraising Working Group, working on the web part for all the campaigns that the community did this year, and I hope on the years to come.

KDE made me a better person. I was able to connect to people all over the world, improve my English, and do things that I never imagine. Today I have friends all over the world, thanks again, KDE.


Randa Meeting’s 2016 Group Photo


So now, if you are reading this, I only ask you one thing:

If you want to KDE keep changing my life and the life of all developers of this amazing community, contribute to our End of Year Fundraising, so we can keep doing this great job during 2018 and the years to come!

Check the campaign website here.

That’s all folks!


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