New Year, New Atelier

First of all: Happy New Year!

Second, I think that I need to update you on Atelier and AtCore.

There are about two months now that AtCore reached its beta stage and we release it with the test client.  On my Docker Hub account, the image of AtCore(Master and Beta) was pulled more than 30 times, and based on my Analytics data the AppImage, Windows and MacOs versions were downloaded 30 times.

Now, I’m working on Atelier. I’m struggling with the idea of what kind of interface I want the user to have. I’m not a UX designer, so my view is what makes better sense. Where the widgets need to be and so on.

So, most of the time, when I do something, I reach a few friends and send to them screenshots so they can say to me what is good and bad.

We will have two workspaces. One of the general features of the 3DView, Video Monitoring and GCode edition. The second workspace is the manager of the 3dprinter. A few users on our Brazilian Telegram group asked to manage more than one printer in the same instance of Atelier, so I came up with an idea of using tabs for each connection.

Now let’s see some screenshots:


This is the view when you open Atelier. Still a lot of refactoring to come, but that can give you an idea.

Now let’s focus on the left side of that image: Workspace 1

So far we have 3 widgets:

  1. The 3DView were we can render a gcode file for preview using Qt3D.
  2. GCodeEditor, a text editor based on KTextEditor.
  3. Video Monitor, a way to monitor your printer using QtMultimedia.

I added a left side toolbar so you can show/hide the docks with the respective widgets. If you show more than one widget, they will tabify, as you can note on the third picture.

Now, Workspace 2:

This is the way that the tab looks when connected. This widget will have a refactor too, however, for now, I’m working on the main window refactoring. If you have any thoughts on how this widget can be, please let me know!

Now I don’t have more than one serial device at home. So I did a small change in the code so I could test the dynamic of creating new tabs for a new connection if the previous tabs have connections:


The code of Atelier still needs a lot of love. And I’m trying to give some love to it.

This is just a catch-up, and I hope to give you more info soon!

That’s all folks!


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