AtCore: 100 Downloads \o/

First of all: Thank You!

Last week we made the first release of AtCore.  But before that, we left AtCore on the beta version for more than a month until the 1.0 release. With the 3 months that AtCore is out for public use, we didn’t receive any bug report, but a lot of congrats and feature requests.

Now we are working on the next version of AtCore, with new features, that will keep us going on the build of the best API for 3DPrinter that you will find.

Thank you for believing in our work. We will continue to work hard to make the 3DPrinting world a better place!

Keep in touch with our work in our channels:

Telegram: @KDEAtelier

IRC: kde-atelier


That’s all folks.


2 thoughts on “AtCore: 100 Downloads \o/

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  1. test client v1.00 able to print a gcode file with I3DLabsud printer (from the fablab of Montpellier and built in Beziers(france)) with a marlin firmware. Thanks a lot for this very good work.


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