Almost 10 years of Plasma-Desktop

Last week I was at work and start to listen my boss said: “We need to show this to our director”.  So I went to my coworker table to see what was happening. So they were using Gource to make a video about the git history of the project. Gource is a software version control visualization tool. So that triggered in my mind some memories about a friend talking about Python and showing how the project as grow in this past years, but I never discovered about the tool that made that amazing video.

So well, I started to make some Gource videos, and because my love about KDE Community, why not make one about it?

So I chose Plasma-Desktop repository that had its history started in 2009, hence the title of this post. The original video came up with almost 3 hours of duration and 10GB size. So to not make you bored, I used Kdenlive to speed up the video on the maximum value allowed, that was 2000% and searched the internet to find a music that would fit the resulting video that has almost 9 minutes of duration. Obviously, the music is licensed under Creative Commons and you can find the link to the source on the description of the video.

So, with no more delays, enjoy =D


Let me know in the comments below what you think about this!


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