Atelier/AtCore First Brainstorm

Hello All,

I’m here today to invite you to participate in Atelier/AtCore first Brainstorm. But why are we going to do a brainstorm in the first place?

Since July/2016 we’ve been working on AtCore, adding features and tools to help us on development. On 20th of January of 2018, we did our first tagging of the project and launched AtCore 1.0. Since then, more than 100 commits were already added to AtCore, including new features.

With our API becoming stable, we started to look to Atelier. Atelier today used the master branch of AtCore, so when Atelier is launched, we will also launch the 2.0 version of AtCore.

AtCore has implemented all the basic features and a few more. But for us, isn’t enough. So we want to do a brainstorm with 3dprinting people so we can see further. You can help us to build the best printer host. That gives to you the true power of a 3DPrinter.

So now, I’ll list to you all the features that AtCore supports, so you can see what we have and help us to think about what we don’t have.

AtCore Features

  • Firmware Support
    • Repetier
    • Marlin
    • Teacup
    • APrinter
    • SPrinter
    • Smoothie
    • GRBL
  • Firmware auto-detection
  • Print a File
  • Control Sd Cards(Tested with Repetier and Marlin)
  • Send messages to the LCD
  • Send commands to the Printer
  • Move axis, disable motors, set flow rate
  • Printing time estimative
  • Management of Temperatures
  • Custom Pause Commands
  • Inject Commands into a print job
  • Support for relative and absolute controls
  • A library of Widgets to help with development
  • Logging

So that’s what we have.

Feel free to join us on the next Monday, 04/30/18 at 7pm UTC-4 on our Telegram group – KDE Atelier – so you can brainstorm with us. If you don’t use Telegram, you can join our IRC Channel on freenode #kde-atelier, that has a bridge to Telegram.

Hope to hear from you!

That’s all folks!

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