Atelier hits Flatpak

Hello, all ^^

I know that I’ve been quiet here for a few months now, but you know that from time to time life get’s crazy and you can’t do much about and just go with the flow.

A while ago, our developer Chris Rizzitello made a script to build AtCore and its Test Client for Flatpak inside KDE Apps structure, you can find it using Discover:


And on this week, he made the script to also build Atelier:

Atelier Flatpak – Don’t mind te whitespace in the middle, the screenshot isn’t loaded =/

With Flatpak nightly builds, we now are one step further on continuous delivery of our software. With the Binary Factory made by the #kde-windows people with the support of KDE Sysadmins, we have builds for Windows and OsX that are already working.


Atelier running on Windows

Now we are still working on the improvements of our interface, to get Atelier into KDE Review to leave Playground and become an Extragear application… And hope to have a Release Candidate or Beta version of Atelier by Akademy.

Yeah if you don’t know, I will present a talk about Atelier at 4:30PM at 08/11/2018 on Room EI8. You are more than invited to watch me trying to not get crazy on the stage with my first talk in English…

See you there?

To resume we now have these ways that you can get Atelier Master branch for testing:

Binary Factory

  1. For OsX: You can go to this link and download the artifact, I think that you need to do some configuration for your machine to allow the app to run. (Idk OsX =/)
  2. For Windows: You can go to this link and download the installer, and install the application;


  1. Setup your distro to use Flatpak, and install either AtCore Test Client or Atelier. If you need any more info on how setup KDE Flatpak repository, please check this link.

As soon we a have a release for Atelier, all the binaries, including AppImage will be available in Atelier website.

If you have any problem, please reach us on #kde-atelier freenode channel or @KDEAtelier on Telegram that we will be happy to help you. =D

That’s all folks!


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