Atelier at The Developers Conference SP 2018

Hello guys, what’s up?

As you may know, there are two events in every year that I try to attend, one is Campus Party and the resume of that is here, and the second is The Developers Conference.

And last week the edition of TheDevConf Sao Paulo happened, and I was able to see my friends, connect with new people, and for the first time, I was able to coordinate one of the tracks with my friends Gedeane Kenshima and Fernando Veiga.

All participants of the track last Saturday

The baseline of TDC is the community. We have two calls for submissions, one for tracks, where you and your fellows submit a track, with a subject and few more info, and if that track is accepted, you become a coordinator of the track. After that, they open the call4papers where the community can submit talks, and after the evaluation and approval by the coordinators, you become a speaker at the track.

So this year I passed on those two parts, with Gedeane and Fernando, we coordinated the track of Arduino, Makers, and 3DPrinting.

Obviously, I was in the middle of the 3DPrinting subject. We received a lot of submissions and I was glad to see a lot of submissions related to 3DPrinting.

And, for the first time in almost two years of Atelier, I made the first public talk about the project.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-26 at 15.39.04

I got some printers from my friend Italo, the same friend that borrowed me printers for Campus Party, and for the first time, I made a demo. The first demo of Atelier. My mind was running crazy, and I was kind of tired since I was at the event for 2 days already…


Everything worked fine, and I think that I made good impressions about it, since a couple days after TDC ended, I had a new friend, Ricardo Amaral, using Atelier and giving feedback about the software on our Telegram group.


Also, as a coordinator, I could add a branding besides my picture on the TDC website, what I didn’t know was that Atelier logo would be all around TDC…

To end everything, I also got a mug, the drawing was made by my friend Andre Noel. That is one of the gifts that the organization of TDC gives to the coordinators.


As always, #TheDevConf changed my life once again. At that event, I have a new house and family for a couple days, and I came back home with a lot of learning that made me grow personally and professionally.

That’s all folks!

See you in two weeks at Akademy! \o/


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