Akademy Program is now Friend Mobile!

Well, as you may know, Akademy is starting next Friday, and my post about “I am going to Akademy” will be here soon. =D

However, this past week I’ve been working again with Web Development, and created a Progressive Web App for Akademy.

The web page of Akademy isn’t friend mobile, so I used Vue.JS, and it’s framework Quasar, to create the app.

So as all PWA’s, it works offline with cached data, so if you run out of data during Akademy, you won’t lost any presentation that you may attend to.


The schedule from the keynotes part is fetched from a KDE server, and cached with the Service Worker(This is what makes the app work offline). The BoF program, is within a few JSON files on the static part of the site, so this part may be not up to date, since I need to add them by hand.

So feel free to access the App from your favorite browser, click on the browser menu and touch on “Add to Home Screen”, and have the app working offline for you.

You can check the source code on my Github on this link.

And access the app here.

I want to thank a couple of friends that held me a hand during the development of this app: Luigui Delyer on the Vue.JS part and Matheus Mesquita: you two rock!

See you at Akademy!

That’s all folks!

Published by lays147

Information Systems Student. 3DPrinting Enthusiastic. Works within KDE Community to make the Free Software World in a better place. Pleno Developer at Meta. Python | Qt | C++ | 3DPrinting | Free Software | KDE <3

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