Akademy 2018: I was there! =D

So, Akademy happened for me this year. And it was AMAZING!

After like 15 hours traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Vienna, I was able to get to the pre-registration event after Akademy with my dear old friend Adriann de Groot aka [ade] , where I was meeting a lot of new KDE people and a few old ones that I met during my time at Randa Meetings 2016. Valorie received me with a great hug making me feel a lot welcome even with all my tiredness and jet lag. (Brazil is +5 hours for Vienna time)

So, the first day of Akademy started, and I had a few commitments for that day: Do a talk about Atelier and do my report for the Fundraising Working Group. I was shaking since the beginning of that day because on that day I would do my first talks in English and I was like:


However, when I started I was able to do my talk about Atelier, freezing from time to time, but I delivered what I intended to do. And even did a live demonstration of Atelier!

Really, I don’t know where I would be without KDE and all the support that I have from this community since I joined them in 2015. So, a few questions after my talk ended, and my mission was completed.

If you would like to check my presentation you can get it here. One of the highlights of my talk was that last July 30th, Atelier made 2 years since it’s first committ’s, and all the stats since them you can find on my presentation.

For an extra information you can read this LWN article that was wrote by Martha Rybczyńska. Thank you, Martha, for this amazing cover-up about my presentation.

Was pretty amazing to see people interested in Atelier. That was the first time that I felt the excitement about this project since I started to talk about it in public.

A few more things happened on the following days of Akademy, but they will be subject to another post.

Get in touch with us if you have any interest in contributing or just chatting on our channels:

  • IRC Freenode: #kde-atelier
  • Telegram: @KDEAtelier

Also, leave a like on our Facebook page.

For now, that’s all folks!


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