3 years with KDE – It’s about time!

Hell yeah!

Today I was updating my LinkedIn account and saw that I have 3 years and one month with KDE. And what a blast!

KDE life is responsible for a lot of changes in my life, including my personality. I don’t have enough thanks to this amazing community.

Today I am part of Atelier, the printer host, where 3DPrinting was the first reason that made me into KDE, and that changed my life in so many ways… I really hope to get back to the project anytime soon… And I am also part of the Fundraising WG…

Quick Timeline:

2015: Joined the Community -> 2016: Lakademy/Atelier/GSoC(Umbrello)/Randa Meetings -> 2017: Fundraising WG and Campaigns/ Atelier talks -> 2018: AtCore 1.0 launched/Akademy – Vienna…

I have a few plans for my contributions to KDE, a couple of them related to the Web part of the community that needs a lot of love, and I don’t need much of a boilerplate to work on it instead of Atelier(still missing a 3dprinter…).

I can just hope that the years coming can be as much enjoyable as this three years have been.

Thanks, KDE for having me!

Thanks, Tomaz Canabrava for bringing me in!

Thanks, everyone that works to make KDE the best community ever!

That’s all folks!


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