The time is over now: Two years as an intern at Rede Globo

Soon I’ll be making 2 years as an intern at the biggest tv network of Latin America. And with that, my contract will be over. And what happens next is still to be decided.

This post is meant to be a register of part of my history, a history that started on January 16th of 2017. Back on that day, I was nervous, 2 days since I moved to my new house, and I didn’t know what would happen when my internship started. The first week was an experience of submersion on what Rede Globo does. The HR gave training and speeches about how the company works, the hierarchy and took all the interns to visit the few company installations around Rio de Janeiro.

New city. New house. New job. A lot of news in a time that I was suffering from depression and didn’t have any clue on what my life would be. The only thing that I may believe was on my lucky to have this intern job and the hope that everything would be ok if I didn’t give up.

After the week of training, I started to work on the ground, at the department of software development. If I recall correctly that week wasn’t much busy, because on the next one I was going to Campus Party São Paulo, so the real work started on February 6th.

Since then I learned a few things. And I need to admit that I am a good coder. The impostor syndrome keeps walking with me, and I have a difficult time to admit that I am good. I wouldn’t be here for 2 years if I wasn’t good. At least my manager wouldn’t keep me otherwise, he made that clear.

I am proud of the career that I built here. I am grateful to everyone at this company that values what I do and who taught me all the new things and gave me support on things that I wanted to learn to use here and opened the doors for a lot of improvements on our workflow.

2017 was the year of making mistakes. And mainly trying to learn with them. The thing is that when you have depression, life is hard. I abandoned my bachelor of computer science and then a few months later got back in on the information systems bachelor. I made mistakes at work that almost took me fired.

2018 was the year of making stuff happen. I got rid of the depression. I am almost finishing my college(5 more classes and it’s over). I made part of a team that makes a workflow of video processing for the Fifa World Cup(Imagine receive videos from Russia and processing them to be compatible with our system…). I saw the value of my work and how that affects everyone that works at this company. I started to be proud to work here. And mainly I started to be proud of myself.

At Rede Globo, you can find people that started to work here 30, 40 years ago. This still surprises me. The daily challenges could be one of the reasons that people stick to this company. Would I be capable of that? Don’t know.

All the technology that I see here, it’s something that I would never imagine to be able to see in person. It’s silly. But well, working on a huge company so soon in my career, was something that I would never imagine when I moved out of my hometown 8 years ago.

And now I have a few dreams, or should I say goals for my future. The main one is to finish my college and the others… Adapting while life goes on.

That’s all folks!

Happy Holidays =D

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