Atelier Plasmoid – Update

Yeah, I’m back! =D Now I have updated the Atelier plasmoid to use our beloved profiles setup. Profiles on Atelier are shared by any interface that uses AtCore Machine Info to lookup for each profile that you have saved of your machines. The quick print is now really quick: Select profile -> Connect -> SelectContinue reading “Atelier Plasmoid – Update”

Atelier Plasmoid

Hello, how are you? I hope that you are good. =D 2019 is almost over, and this year Atelier didn’t have the amount of love and care that I wish I had given. Among finishing college(Yay!), changing jobs(Awesome!) and traveling for events(Akademy <3), I didn’t have enough time for it. However, a while ago, IContinue reading “Atelier Plasmoid”

KDE Mindmap – Akademy 2019

Akademy is over. =/ And now that I have a little of time I will talk to you about a Birds of Feather that I’ve hosted during the Milan edition of Akademy that was the Mindmap of the community. Since I’ve joined KDE I don’t have a clear picture what the structure of the communityContinue reading “KDE Mindmap – Akademy 2019”

Akademy App now with BoF info + more

Access the app now! Thanks to Siffer now we have a script to get the BoF info from the Wiki! If you already downloaded the app, please open it and refresh to get the new info! Also I would like to thank Ben for setting up Sitter’s project on our beloved Binary Factory! I’veContinue reading “Akademy App now with BoF info + more”

Akademy Schedule Mobile Access

Hello people of this extraordinary world. =D Last weekend I worked in a improved version of Akademy schedule that I launched last year. This year the website is inside KDE Infra thanks to SysAdming work. You can check it on this link: I hope that we soon add the BoF’s informations. So far youContinue reading “Akademy Schedule Mobile Access”

The time is over now: Two years as an intern at Rede Globo

Soon I’ll be making 2 years as an intern at the biggest tv network of Latin America. And with that, my contract will be over. And what happens next is still to be decided. This post is meant to be a register of part of my history, a history that started on January 16th ofContinue reading “The time is over now: Two years as an intern at Rede Globo”

Atelier at Maker Faire and QtCon 2018!

These past couple weekends were a blast! On the weekend of November 3 and 4, it happened on Rio de Janeiro the first Maker Faire of Latin America. And I was able to do a talk about Atelier and the current status of our project. The event hold more than 1.500 people on the firstContinue reading “Atelier at Maker Faire and QtCon 2018!”