10 years of Campus Party Brazil \o/

Since 2015 I go to Campus Party Brazil. CPBR how is known here is the biggest event about technology that Brazil have, and this year was celebrated the 10th edition. The #CPBR10 started to me on last Tuesday, when I arrived at Sao Paulo. A friend of mine brought to me 2 3DPrinters, and I [...]

When does your career begin?

My first contact with technology, and I mean the first time that I touched a computer, was when I was eleven years old. My mom subscribed me in an initial course about informatics in a public institute at my hometown. And since then I made all courses about technology that I could put my hands [...]

Let’s find some purposes…

Well, today I'm starting a new project: This Blog. Since that I have a lot to talk about my life, the professional side, I realize that only use the blog of Br-Print3D isn't enough. I need to talk about other projects, other things that are happening in my life. So to make things clearer I [...]