Atelier Plasmoid

Hello, how are you? I hope that you are good. =D 2019 is almost over, and this year Atelier didn’t have the amount of love and care that I wish I had given. Among finishing college(Yay!), changing jobs(Awesome!) and traveling for events(Akademy <3), I didn’t have enough time for it. However, a while ago, IContinue reading “Atelier Plasmoid”

KDE Mindmap – Akademy 2019

Akademy is over. =/ And now that I have a little of time I will talk to you about a Birds of Feather that I’ve hosted during the Milan edition of Akademy that was the Mindmap of the community. Since I’ve joined KDE I don’t have a clear picture what the structure of the communityContinue reading “KDE Mindmap – Akademy 2019”

Akademy App now with BoF info + more

Access the app now! Thanks to Siffer now we have a script to get the BoF info from the Wiki! If you already downloaded the app, please open it and refresh to get the new info! Also I would like to thank Ben for setting up Sitter’s project on our beloved Binary Factory! I’veContinue reading “Akademy App now with BoF info + more”

Akademy Schedule Mobile Access

Hello people of this extraordinary world. =D Last weekend I worked in a improved version of Akademy schedule that I launched last year. This year the website is inside KDE Infra thanks to SysAdming work. You can check it on this link: I hope that we soon add the BoF’s informations. So far youContinue reading “Akademy Schedule Mobile Access”

Atelier at Maker Faire and QtCon 2018!

These past couple weekends were a blast! On the weekend of November 3 and 4, it happened on Rio de Janeiro the first Maker Faire of Latin America. And I was able to do a talk about Atelier and the current status of our project. The event hold more than 1.500 people on the firstContinue reading “Atelier at Maker Faire and QtCon 2018!”

3 years with KDE – It’s about time!

Hell yeah! Today I was updating my LinkedIn account and saw that I have 3 years and one month with KDE. And what a blast! KDE life is responsible for a lot of changes in my life, including my personality. I don’t have enough thanks to this amazing community. Today I am part of Atelier,Continue reading “3 years with KDE – It’s about time!”

Akademy 2018: I was there! part 2

As you may know, a little more than a month ago Akademy happened at the beautiful place of Vienna. On my first post, I told you about how I was freaking out before giving my talk about Atelier. So, to continue my history, on the following days of Akademy, Tomaz brought his printer from MunichContinue reading “Akademy 2018: I was there! part 2”

Akademy 2018: I was there! =D

So, Akademy happened for me this year. And it was AMAZING! After like 15 hours traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Vienna, I was able to get to the pre-registration event after Akademy with my dear old friend Adriann de Groot aka [ade] , where I was meeting a lot of new KDE people andContinue reading “Akademy 2018: I was there! =D”

Akademy Program is now Friend Mobile!

Well, as you may know, Akademy is starting next Friday, and my post about “I am going to Akademy” will be here soon. =D However, this past week I’ve been working again with Web Development, and created a Progressive Web App for Akademy. The web page of Akademy isn’t friend mobile, so I used Vue.JS,Continue reading “Akademy Program is now Friend Mobile!”