Atelier Plasmoid

Hello, how are you? I hope that you are good. =D 2019 is almost over, and this year Atelier didn’t have the amount of love and care that I wish I had given. Among finishing college(Yay!), changing jobs(Awesome!) and traveling for events(Akademy <3), I didn’t have enough time for it. However, a while ago, IContinue reading “Atelier Plasmoid”

Akademy Schedule Mobile Access

Hello people of this extraordinary world. =D Last weekend I worked in a improved version of Akademy schedule that I launched last year. This year the website is inside KDE Infra thanks to SysAdming work. You can check it on this link: I hope that we soon add the BoF’s informations. So far youContinue reading “Akademy Schedule Mobile Access”

Atelier at Maker Faire and QtCon 2018!

These past couple weekends were a blast! On the weekend of November 3 and 4, it happened on Rio de Janeiro the first Maker Faire of Latin America. And I was able to do a talk about Atelier and the current status of our project. The event hold more than 1.500 people on the firstContinue reading “Atelier at Maker Faire and QtCon 2018!”

Akademy 2018: I was there! part 2

As you may know, a little more than a month ago Akademy happened at the beautiful place of Vienna. On my first post, I told you about how I was freaking out before giving my talk about Atelier. So, to continue my history, on the following days of Akademy, Tomaz brought his printer from MunichContinue reading “Akademy 2018: I was there! part 2”

Akademy 2018: I was there! =D

So, Akademy happened for me this year. And it was AMAZING! After like 15 hours traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Vienna, I was able to get to the pre-registration event after Akademy with my dear old friend Adriann de Groot aka [ade] , where I was meeting a lot of new KDE people andContinue reading “Akademy 2018: I was there! =D”

Atelier hits Flatpak

Hello, all ^^ I know that I’ve been quiet here for a few months now, but you know that from time to time life get’s crazy and you can’t do much about and just go with the flow. A while ago, our developer Chris Rizzitello made a script to build AtCore and its Test ClientContinue reading “Atelier hits Flatpak”

About Campus Party + 20 years of OSI

Hello Guys, My life since 2018 started is going on like crazy. I’m trying to get my bachelor degree this year, a lot of events to attend, Atelier and AtCore needing love and a lot of work… And more than a month later I’m going to report what happened at the 11th edition of CampusContinue reading “About Campus Party + 20 years of OSI”

AtCore: 100 Downloads \o/

First of all: Thank You! Last week we made the first release of AtCore.  But before that, we left AtCore on the beta version for more than a month until the 1.0 release. With the 3 months that AtCore is out for public use, we didn’t receive any bug report, but a lot of congratsContinue reading “AtCore: 100 Downloads \o/”

New Year, New Atelier

First of all: Happy New Year! Second, I think that I need to update you on Atelier and AtCore. There are about two months now that AtCore reached its beta stage and we release it with the test client.  On my Docker Hub account, the image of AtCore(Master and Beta) was pulled more than 30Continue reading “New Year, New Atelier”

10 days to go – KDE End of Year Fundraising

Hello =D Today I’m here to talk with you about the KDE End of Year Fundraising. I’m part of KDE community since the end of 2015. And my file it’s a LOT better because of it. I was able to grow a lot as a developer and as a person. On the developer part, IContinue reading “10 days to go – KDE End of Year Fundraising”