Atelier at The Developers Conference SP 2018

Hello guys, what’s up? As you may know, there are two events in every year that I try to attend, one is Campus Party and the resume of that is here, and the second is The Developers Conference. And last week the edition of TheDevConf Sao Paulo happened, and I was able to see myContinue reading “Atelier at The Developers Conference SP 2018”

#TheDevConf – Porto Alegre/RS/Brazil

Hi! There’s a while that I don’t write a post… But my life got a little crazy on this past weeks, and now I have some stuff to share with you! Well, between the 5 and 8 of October happened in Porto Alegre, in Brazil, an another edition of The Developers Conference(TDC). TDC is myContinue reading “#TheDevConf – Porto Alegre/RS/Brazil”