Atelier/AtCore Updates =D

Well, it's time for some updates. =D As you know we are working on the development of a Printer Host inside KDE Community called Atelier. AtCore So far, so good. =D haha We are working on the final adjust and getting feedback of KDE-Core-Devel team to move our application from Playground to Extragear so we … Continue reading Atelier/AtCore Updates =D


GSoC – Brazilian Students: Why so few?

Hi! Everything ok with you? =D I was thinking about how my participation of GSoC this year made me a better programmer and passing on the final evaluation added to my career a big deal. And then I started to think in produce a talk about it, to spread the word about Google Summer of … Continue reading GSoC – Brazilian Students: Why so few?

SETI – Week of Information Technology

Yay! My last event of 2016! I'm almost 600 kilometers of my town. On the Federal University of Lavras, Minas Gerais. I submitted a proposal to do a talk here. The organization accepted, and this afternoon I made a talk about Qt with the title: Qt - Your toolkit Python/C++ with the real write once, … Continue reading SETI – Week of Information Technology

The end of Randa Meetings 2016

Ok... Unfortunately, the edition of Randa Meetings 2016 ended yesterday. ='( This week run out fast, but I enjoyed every minute. First, I want to thank Tomaz Canabrava, that brings me to KDE Community and gives me the opportunity to make this changes in my life, to get me rid out my comfort zone and show … Continue reading The end of Randa Meetings 2016

Randa Meetings – Day 2

Well... Now we are at the end of day 2 of Randa Meetings. And today I did more work on Umbrello, making the Ui files for some principal dialogs, with the purpose to better organize the widgets. In the end, when I submitted the review request I had this: Revision 3 (+967 -455) Was quite a … Continue reading Randa Meetings – Day 2

Coding at Lakademy Pt II

Well, last week, the 4th Lakademy happened at Unirio, the Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhood of Urca, an amazing place on South Zone in Rio de Janeiro. In the four days at the event, I worked on my Google Summer of Code project, that is Umbrello, the UML editor … Continue reading Coding at Lakademy Pt II

Coding at Lakademy

Today is the third day that Lakademy is happening at Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), and since the first hour, I'm doing a lot of code. The work is concentrated on my GSoC Project, and finally getting on track on my work in Umbrello. It's being a great time here, meeting the … Continue reading Coding at Lakademy