10 years of Campus Party Brazil \o/

Since 2015 I go to Campus Party Brazil. CPBR how is known here is the biggest event about technology that Brazil have, and this year was celebrated the 10th edition. The #CPBR10 started to me on last Tuesday, when I arrived at Sao Paulo. A friend of mine brought to me 2 3DPrinters, and I... Continue Reading →


GSoC – Brazilian Students: Why so few?

Hi! Everything ok with you? =D I was thinking about how my participation of GSoC this year made me a better programmer and passing on the final evaluation added to my career a big deal. And then I started to think in produce a talk about it, to spread the word about Google Summer of... Continue Reading →

Summer of Code: I passed!

Well, in this past week, the edition of Google Summer of Code 2016 ended. Even knowing that my mentor would pass me in the Final Evaluation, I was anxious to see the green light on my dashboard saying that I passed. My project was work on Umbrello, the UML Editor of KDE. In my last... Continue Reading →

GSoC -Breath and Review

Well, more than a month ago my GSoC started, and now it's time to take a breath and made some reviews on my work. A couple weeks ago I went to Randa Meetings, a sprint of KDE, and there I did a lot of work in Umbrello. Tomaz gave to me a few tips, and... Continue Reading →

Mid-term eval – GSoC 2016

Hi! Today I will make a resume about everything that I already did in my Google Summer of Code since the beginning on May 23rd. My GSoC project is work on Umbrello - The UML editor of KDE Community and give a New Breath to it because there's a lot of things around there to... Continue Reading →

Coding at Lakademy Pt II

Well, last week, the 4th Lakademy happened at Unirio, the Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhood of Urca, an amazing place on South Zone in Rio de Janeiro. In the four days at the event, I worked on my Google Summer of Code project, that is Umbrello, the UML editor... Continue Reading →

#3 days to go… some thoughts

In 3 days, the initial deadline for Google Summer of Code starts, but for a lot of student's, the GSoC started days ago. I manage a group on facebook with +/-500 students, and a lot of them started they project sooner. And that made me scared. Why? you may ask. With that, I see the... Continue Reading →

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