AtCore officialy moved to KDE Extragear

It’s with all the joy in my heart that I share with you this amazing notice: AtCore was officially moved today to KDE Extragear by my favorite sysadmin Ben Cooksley after more than a month on KDE Review.

This is the first huge milestone that we achieve on this 11 months of team work made by me, Patrick, Chris and sometimes Tomaz.

Particularly I thanks, Luigui Toscano and Albert Cid for all the attention and review on AtCore code, that allowed us to make this move to Extragear. =D

This is huge for me. Every day we are closer to put Atelier out and discover what will happen. It will be revolutionary or not? (Damn anxiety!)

So far AtCore and its test client, the feedback from Linux, Windows and OSX users are awesome. AtCore is running stable on the main firmwares supported. Soon we will deliver the 0.1(or 1.0?) version of this API on all Linux Distros and Windows. For Mac, we have some issues on macdeployqt, that we need a Mac guy with knowledge on CMake to help us to fix the issue when deploying the dmg file. If you fit on this, please join our telegram group and help us. =D

I’m so happy that we were capable of achieving this. All this work within KDE Community and challenging myself every day on my work with C++ and Qt to achieve this, giving me the possibility to turn myself in a better developer every day.

I really thanks, Patrick and Chris, on they hard work on AtCore. To their help on building my dream to make a free software for 3DPrinting and making the 3DPrinting world a better place.

To end this I leave with you the AtCore logo, made with love by a friend of mine, Igor Ferreira.




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