Randa Meetings – Day 3

Today was the day to make a lot of stuff… I started to make a new change in a place, but that change affect a lot of dialogs and widgets, so I need it to make a lot of improvements and fix in Umbrello code.

The major job was to fix the layout of the UMLAttributeDialog that was messed up because of the new two widgets that I added that is part of my GSoC task.

To do this right, I made 2 new Ui files: One for VisibilityEnumWidget and the other for UMLTypeQualifierWidget. Because was batter have the widgets like this:


And not like this:


In the end, the new dialog of UMLAttributeWidget stay like that:

There’s a few layout issues in the others dialogs that I’m planning correct tomorrow.

A good thing on this new dialog is that, I kind of fix an another bug on Umbrello that I discarded to put on my proposal of GSoC when I was writing, that is to make a better dialog to Attribute Properties. =) +1 for me \o/

Now I’m almost with 50% of my GSoC project completed, and that give’s to me a big relief. =)

Support the Randa Meetings Sprint here.

That’s all folks!

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