Randa Meetings – Day 2

Well… Now we are at the end of day 2 of Randa Meetings.

And today I did more work on Umbrello, making the Ui files for some principal dialogs, with the purpose to better organize the widgets.

In the end, when I submitted the review request I had this: Revision 3 (+967 -455)

Was quite a good work, remembering how was work with QtDesigner and using layouts to make things looks pretty for the user.

Also, I talked to Hannah Von Reth(TheOneRing) and Kevin Funk(kfunk) to do a python file to manage the packaging of Umbrello in MsWindows, and I think that we will do this on the next days.

Also I made a walk around Randa today, to see how is the Village:

And I think that was all of today!

Stay tuned for next posts!

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